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Triple H returns to the ring tomorrow
With only hours remaining until the Royal Rumble, The Game will make his return to the ring Thursday on UPN's SmackDown! when he teams with Stone Cold to battle Kurt Angle and Booker T!

Booker T on Stern Thursday morning
Tomorrow (Thursday) morning, Booker T will be appearing on the Howard Stern radio show. Booker's appearance is scheduled for 7:30 a.m. ET. Check your local radio listings to find out when Stern airs in your area.

Lilian performs live Thursday at WWF New York!
World Wrestling Federation ring announcer Lilian Garcia will be performing a live concert just before SmackDown! this Thursday at WWF New York! Stick around after the concert for the SmackDown! party, which will be hosted by Lilian and the Hurricane!


Interview with Jerry Lawler
by Phil Speer

After a nine-month leave, Jerry "The King" Lawler returned to the World Wrestling Federation on Nov. 19. Although his professional life is back in order, he is still dealing with a real life divorce from his wife Stacy Carter, formerly known as The Kat in the Federation. But never fear, ladies: as soon as everything is finalized, Lawler will once again become one of Memphis' most eligible bachelors. Want to know what Lawler is looking for in the future "Mrs. King"? Read on. But only if you no longer write your love letters in crayon. Two months after your return, do you feel like you're fully back into things?

Lawler: Yeah, I don't even think about or remember not being a part of the WWF. Things have been so smooth since I've been back. There's been so many fun things happening, like the Gravy Bowl Match, Stacy Keibler at ringside with the Dudley Boyz (and) the wet T-shirt contest with Trish and Terri. We haven't missed a beat. It's more fun than ever. How's your personal life?

Lawler: It's getting better. Still, we're in the midst of all the legal wrangling with the divorce. It takes your mind off things you'd rather be thinking about. It's not the most pleasant way to occupy your time -- being in lawyers' offices and things like that. But, eventually there will come a day when all that stuff is behind me and I'll be on the puppy prowl again. Being the King of Memphis must have its advantages when it comes to picking up women.

Lawler: Well, it does and it doesn't in actuality. Of course, it opens a tremendous amount of doors, and everybody knows you, and that sort of thing. But by the same token, as far as being on the dating scene or something like that, sometimes it almost works against you when everybody knows you. Sometimes girls don't feel as comfortable approaching you, or being as approachable as they would be, if everybody knows you. So, in fact, Jerry Lawler doesn't get more ass than a toilet seat in Memphis.

Lawler: (laughs) He does not. And of course, actually, officially, I can't have extra-martial sex until after the divorce. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Would my stock go up among ladies if I hung out with you in Memphis?

Lawler: Actually, just hanging out with me, you would probably get luckier than I would. Come on down, I'll take you down to Beale Street. I could take you to Silky's, Club 152, all of these great places where the women are just plentiful. The puppies are plentiful. What about outside of Memphis? A good-looking guy like you that makes a good living -- you must get your fair share of attention from the ladies.

Interview with Jerry Lawler
by Phil Speer

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Lawler: Well, I guess I don't do badly, but in all honesty, for the past six months, I've been more concerned with trying to get myself right mentally. I'm cognizant of the fact that I don't want to just jump into some kind of relationship where I wind up worse off than I was to begin with. So I haven't really been seriously looking. But I've met a few people. I'm trying to avoid saying anything that might incriminate me with my lawyers. Because these are questions that are on my interrogatories that I have to hand in. Because, officially, we're still married. Questions are on there: "Give the name, address and telephone number of every female that you've entertained in your home." "Give the name, address and telephone number of every female that you've taken on the road with you." It's all in there. Hindsight being 20/20, do you wish that you had the XFL cheerleader tryouts to do all over again now that you're a bachelor?

Lawler: Oh, absolutely. If I were doing those now, not only would I conduct the tryouts, but I would conduct the pre-tryout physicals. What is Jerry Lawler looking for in the future Mrs. King, once you get everything squared away and you're back on the prowl?

Lawler: That's a good question. Believe it or not, I was pretty happy with what I had. Someone who enjoys traveling with me. Someone who enjoys the wrestling business. What I'm really looking for is a beautiful, young, nice, nymphomaniac. (laughs) Something like that.

Interview with Jerry Lawler
by Phil Speer

Page 4 of 4 Does she have to be younger than 30?

Lawler: Absolutely. Gotta be. What would be too young?

Lawler: The only ones who are too young are the ones who wear pajamas with feet in them, or write their love letters in crayons. Are women named Stacy immediately disqualified?

Lawler: Absolutely not. I mean, if Stacy Keibler were to knock on my door tomorrow, I'd have the ring ready.

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