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This page is where I just go off on everything I wanna talk about.

First off,I'd like to talk about how Incubus went from the top to the bottom for me,they started out with a c.d. called Fungous Amongous and it is a pretty heavy c.d. though they talk about science fiction and aliens and stuff.Then they came out with a new c.d. called S.C.I.E.N.C.E.,which was heavy as the first one but a little less science fiction talk,then they had Enjoy Incubus,After that they started to get really soft which took them from being my favorite band and moving down the list,the next c.d. was make yourself which was softer than the others,but the worst was yet to come,then they came out with morning view,WHICH WAS SOFTER THAN MUD!!!!!So now,though I still like there old music,They are no longer my favorite band.
Sorry Guys!
I hate MTV,there used to ne a channel we used to get
called MTV X in which they played rock bands,but recently
they took it off,and changed it to MTV R which is an all
rap channel,which is real stupid because if I wanted to listen or
watch rap music,I'd just put on regular MTV or MTV 2,but I'd never
do that because all they play on Mtv is Rap,Pop,or a complete 5 days
marathon of a road rules/Real world special
Alrite,now i wanna talk about Limp Bizkit,
first off,they are mad because they say that bands like crazy town and Linkin Park
arejust a copy cat of Limp Bizkit,and you are probably thinking that because i hate linkin park that im gonna take limp bizkit's side,WRONG!
i like limp bizkit and there music,but i have to say,that they would no where without korn,if it wasnt for korn,limp bizkit would still be down in florida doing tattoos for a bunch of cheap pople,get over yourselves

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